Community Services & Supports / Recommendations / Current Activities in GA

Recommendation 1:

Increase families’ options for inclusive after-school childcare options.

  • Objective 1a: Develop and implement an autism awareness training program for childcare
    and after-school care providers. The program will include the signs of autism, effective interaction and communication strategies, safety procedures, and methods to promote the child’s development and participation.
  • Objective 1b: Encourage collaboration and sharing of techniques and information between parents, and childcare centers to support the needs of children and youth with autism.
  • Objective 1c: Encourage collaboration between childcare centers and schools to allow sharing of child-specific information with parental permission and participation by childcare personnel in school trainings.

Recommendation 2:

Educate adults with autism and families of children and youth with autism about strategies and techniques, as well as in-home supports that are available for themselves or their loved ones.

  • Objective 2a: Develop and implement training programs for families on evidence-based strategies for promoting independence through self-help skills and behavior self-regulation.
  • Objective 2b: Partner with advocacy and support organizations to advertise current in-home support services.
  • Objective 2c: Organize classes and training for adults with autism living independently.

Recommendation 3:

Increase the knowledge of community-based organizations’ staff, including recreational leagues and centers, scouts and camps, clubs, and cultural, religious, and/or spiritual groups, on inclusion practices and effective methods for supporting children, youth, and adults with autism.

  • Objective 3a: Develop and implement an awareness training program for staff members, coaches, and community members to include the signs of autism and effective interaction and methods for supporting and including children, youth, and adults with autism in activities. Training should focus on the strengths of individuals with autism.
  • Objective 3b: Educate families who receive funding through “Natural Supports Training” that funds may be used to train support personnel.
Last Updated 03/07/14