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Autism Conference and Expo of Georgia Program

Autism Conference and Expo of Georgia Program Schedule At-A-Glance

Speaker Presentations | Wednesday, May 3


State of the State Keynote Conversation (9:00 am)

The Autism Plan for Georgia: Highlighting Achievements and Next Steps (PDF)
Emily Rubin

Morning Sessions (10:45 am)

dot-adult How to Seek, Gain and Maintain Employment
Kylie Moore, BS, Nathan Heald, LMSW

dot-elementary Basics of Special Education Law (PPTX)
Kathleen A. Dumitrescu

dot-community Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis: Application for Individuals of all Ages and Environments (PPT)
Michael Morrier, PhD, BCBA-D, Robert Babcock, PhD, BCBA-D

dot-transitiond Improving Self-Determination: A Strengths-Based Transition Intervention for a Youth with ASD (PDF)
Teal Benevides, PhD, MS, OTR/L, Anne Ladd

dot-medical Transitioning Comprehensive Clinical Care: A Medical Home is not a House, but Everyone Needs One (PPTX)
Andrea Videlefsky, MD

dot-referral Autism Identification: From Psychometrics to Systems (PPTX)
Brian, Barger, PhD

dot-spanish Know Your Rights
Adelina Nicholls

Afternoon Sessions (3:30 pm)

dot-adult Health and Wellness: The Role They Place for ASD Adults
Scott Kramer

dot-family 4 Things That Should Be Included In Wills For Parents With Children With Autism
DJ Jeyaram, Esq.

dot-transitiond How to Prepare Students and Plan for Inclusive Postsecondary Education Programs
Susanna Miller-Raines, Karla Wade, PhD, Theresa Tucker, EdS

dot-community Using Applied Behavior Analysis for Skill Acquisition and Reduction of Problem Behavior: Going Beyond the Basics (PPTX)
Dr. Robert Babcock, PhD, BCBA-D RA, Michael Morrier, PhD, BCBA-D

dot-interventiondot Introduction to Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (PPT)
Christine Kramlich, MA

dot-elementary Engaging Students Through Visual Supports and Communication (PDF)
Jennifer Ro, MA, CCC-SLP, Amy Thomsen, MS, CCC-SLP

dot-spanish Latino Community Practice Consortium Meeting

Speaker Presentations | Thursday, May 4


State of the State Keynote Conversation (9:00 am)

Autism and the Media: Distinguishing Between Fact and Fiction (PDF)
Celine A. Saulnier, PhD

Morning Sessions (10:45 am)

dot-adult People with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Workplace: An Expanding Legal Frontier
Wendy Hensel, JD

dot-elementary Teaching Foundational Math for Students with Significant Processing Challenges (PDF)
Sarah Champ, MS

dot-interventiondot The Basics of the DIR/Floortime Model: An Evidence-Based, Interactive Approach for Working with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
David Nelson, LPC

dot-referral Preparing Licensed Psychologists to Identify Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Georgia Autism Assessment Collaborative (GAAC) (PPTX)
Michael Morrier, PhD, BCBA-D, Catherine Rice, PhD, Donna Johnson, Sally Cannon MEd

dot-family Marriage and Family Life on the Spectrum: Move Beyond Surviving to Thriving (PPTX)
Stephanie Holmes, MA

dot-medical Behavioral Coping Plans: Best Practice For Children With Special Needs In Healthcare
Jessica N. Palumbo Dufur, BS, CCLS, CEIM, Ashley G. McClain, BS, CCLS

dot-spanish Accepting our Differences to Understand the Autism Spectrum
Lola Hernandez

State of the Union Keynote Conversation (1:30 pm)

Social Justice and Autism: Challenging Injustice and Valuing Diversity (PPT)
Lydia X. Z. Brown, Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu, R. Larkin Taylor-Parker

Afternoon Sessions (3:15 pm)

dot-interventiondot Let’s Get Social: Practical Strategies to Help Teachers & Parents Encourage Social Skills Development (PPTX)
LeNaya Smith, MA

dot-community Georgia Autism Skills for Life: Model for A Peer Mediated Adult Social Skills Group
Merideth Sinclair, MS, CRC, Courtney, MEd, BCBA

dot-adult My Voice. My Participation. My Board: Leadership Training for Individuals with ASD and IDD (PPTX)
Miyah Sundermeyer, Evan Nodvin, Lara Swenson

dot-family Sensory Friendly Concerts: Fun for All SenAbilities (PPTX)
Wendy Blumenthal, Ph.D, Jason Rodencal, MS

dot-transitiond Autism and Relationships: Building Meaningful Connections
Beth Champ, MS, MBA, LPC, Dave Nelson, LPC

dot-emergency Emergency Preparedness for the Autism Home
Debi Taylor

dot-spanish Support Specifically Dedicated for our Families
Liz Diaz Yabuku, MA, NCC, LAPC, CAMS

Poster Presentations

Social Engagement Groups for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The myLife Program – Kelsey Bohlke (PDF)

Learning Social Skills Through Natural and Paid Supports – Myah R. Sundermeyer (PPTX)

Get Fit and Be Healthy Workshops for Adults with Developmental Disabilities – Andrea Videlefsky (PDF)

Child Factors and Parent Stress – Nicole Lim  (PDF)