Conference Preparation

Before the Conference:

  1. Review the conference schedule and facility map
  2. Get plenty of rest the night before!

What to Bring to Conference:

  1. Noise cancelling headphones or earbuds
  2. Eye coverings or colored glasses
  3. If staying in a hotel overnight, bring items that will help you sleep in an unfamiliar environment, such as a special pillow.
  4. Clothing that you can easily layer
  5. Favorite snack foods
  6. Gum, mints, small fidgets, origami paper, coloring pads, stress balls, etc. to help you stay calm and focused during sessions
  7. Weighted vests

While at the Conference:

  1. Avoid sitting directly under fluorescent lighting. Instead, sit towards the side or front of the room.
  2. Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water!
  3. Wear layered comfortable clothing, as conference rooms may have varying temperatures.
  4. Stick to your typical diet as much as possible
  5. If you need to leave a presentation, feel free to do so.
  6. Utilize the sensory room or quiet areas whenever needed!
  7. If you need assistance, please feel free to ask a volunteer, staff member or conference committee member
  8. If you need large printed materials, please request them at check in.
  9. If interested in using Color Communication Badges, created by the Autistic Self-Advocate Network, they can be downloaded by clicking the hyperlink below. There will also be some available at the check in table upon request.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Color Communication Badges

Color Communication Badges are a system which were first developed in Autistic spaces and conferences. They help people tell everyone who can see their badge about their communication preferences. Click here to download Color Communication badges.

Color Communication Badges