8th Annual Autism Conference & Expo

Systems of Care in Georgia:
Early Identification to Adulthood


May 18, 2022

Science & Research
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


May 19, 2022

Practice & Implementation
1:00 pm - 5:00pm


We are genuinely excited to share with the broader autism community in Georgia the exciting work occurring in in our state around the theme of “Systems of Care in Georgia: Early Identification to Adulthood!”  The event is going to be held on Zoom on May 18th and 19th.

This year’s event includes a keynote (May 18th) by Dr. Catherine Rice (Branch Chief, Disability and Health Promotion Branch, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) who will be giving a presentation entitled “Adult Systems of Care: Invisible to Visible” outlining needs in Georgia and the nation related to improved systems of care for adults with autism. It also includes a lifetime achievement award (May 19th) for Dr. Daniel Crimmins (Clinical Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University; Crimminz & Associates, LLC), who will also be providing a keynote entitled “It's a bumpy road to collective impact: Working together to improve autism supports in Georgia.”

May 18th will be a Science & Research day and May 19th a Practice & Implementation day. In the spirit of focusing on “Systems of Care,” across both days ACE 2022 will have cross-cutting tracks emphasizing time periods with highly visible and well known challenges to families navigating systems of care: The Early Identification & Intervention Track and Adult Transition Track. Each day will also have a unique track based on well-known needs: The Science & Research day’s unique track will focus on ongoing Georgia-based research related to Social Justice and Diversity; The Practice & Implementation day’s unique track will focus on Georgia-based work in the area of Community and Behavioral Supports. In addition to the tracks, there will also be numerous posters, oral presentations, and exhibitor rooms available for attendees to join, as well as a lobby area and sensory “silent” room available for individuals needing a break.

Thank you once again for attending this year’s ACE – it’s going to great!


The ACE Team

The Research Day will focus on the systems related research happening in Georgia from early identification, school age, transition to adulthood, and beyond.

The Cross-System Practice & Implementation Day will focus on facilitating cross-system connectivity to ensure that Georgians with autism and their families have optimal outcomes across the lifespan.

For each day there will be:

  1. Individual Oral Presentations
  2. Panel Discussions
  3. Poster Sessions

The Autism Conference & Expo of Georgia is an annual event that provides an opportunity for sharing knowledge and resources about supports for individuals with autism and their families in Georgia. The Autism Conference & Expo represents the collaboration and contributions of an alliance of leading self-advocates, family members, community partners, state agencies, and other stakeholders. This conference is an important component of the Autism Plan for Georgia.

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